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El Glosario de Belleza: I es para Oxido de hierro

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Oxido de hierro are naturally occurring minerals known to be safe, gentle and non-toxic on the surface of the skin. One of the oldest tricks in the skincare book involves enhancing skin’s appearance with inorganic pigments, such as Oxido de hierro, which typically come in shades of red, orange, brown and black. With the right proportion of titanium oxide (which is white) and a little alchemy, formulators can create products that cover imperfections and provide an even skin tone for all.

You’ll often hear about Oxido de hierro in makeup, especially eye shadows, blushers, powders, lipstick and mineral makeup. Oxido de hierro are resistant to moisture, don’t easily bleed or smear and have “staying power” so only a little application is needed.

Oxido de hierro won’t irritate the skin and aren’t known to be allergenic, so sensitive skin types you can put your guard down.

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